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Brandon Hawkinson, mortgage broker/banker with over 19 year’s experience, is here to shape your individual financing to your unique situation. What does this mean for you; the opportunity to access a variety of wholesale mortgage banks across the country in addition to a solid warehouse line all in one. In addition, the ability to find just the right loan for every home owner and deliver each client an authentic home buying experience.

At the core of every loan, Brandon serves each client with the highest possible customer services, respect, and integrity throughout the transaction. He takes pride in knowing the ins and outs of financial guidelines and regulations from those whom are conservative to the very liberal.

Your mortgage is a part of your overall financial wealth. Place your trust in Brandon to help ensure you are receiving the highest producing quality in your real estate portfolio. Mortgage loans are about numbers. Brandon is known for working to get his clients the best rate possible. Numbers don’t lie, people do. Give Brandon the opportunity to earn your business and rest assured you will be in the right hands.

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