Chris Rubeis Being a top producing Realtor in Las Vegas I rely on my team to pay attention to detail and show the highest levels of integrity to our clients. A bad referral can mean the end of a relationship and cause me to lose several clients in the process. Brandon has time and time again impressed me with his ability to think outside the box and accommodate our clients while performing at the highest levels. His persistent approach to earn and now keep my business is second to none. If you are looking for a loan, he is your man.

— Chris Rubeis

Bill Myers Brandon is the BEST!!!!! That’s why we have him on our website as an approved lender.

— Bill Myers

Chad Lodato In the many years I have worked with Brandon, he has made my buyers extremely comfortable and happy. It has led me to get referrals which I really believe would not have happened without his constant communication and giving them the updates to put them at ease. It’s great when you can get timely answers to their concerns. I would definitely recommend Brandon as my number “1” Lender of choice!!! Thank you Brandon.

— Chad Lodato

Steven MittlemenYou’ve probably heard “You’ve tried the rest now try the Best”. Honestly, you can count on Brandon to beat the rate,get it done when others can’t and keep your clients happy. His communicating and timely responses can really relieve a lot of stress. Thank you Brandon!!!

— Steven Mittlemen

Aaron MazzaBrandon Hawkinson is like a damn genie.... Pretty much will grant your 3 wishes when it comes to loans... As a realtor in my opinion he seems to be able to get the deals done that others cannot, I’ve given other lenders a shot and they just can’t compete... Brandon always provides the lowest rates, my Clients love him, and most importantly he just gets the mission impossible clients financed ... Dear realtors stop wasting time with crap lenders who don’t answer the phone.. Brandon will take your call anytime.

— Aaron Mazza

Sara SchusslerBest lender and one of the best friends you could ask for. Helped out numerous clients of ours that others said wouldn’t be able to get a home and has now even refinanced them to unreal rates. You rock Brandon Hawkinson!!

— Sara Schussler

Cruz Arias You know why Brandon can get the Job done? Because he is:

B - Broker with
R - Radical
A - Approach and
N - Non-
D - Discrepant
O - Outcomes for
N - New Home Buyers...

— Cruz Arias

Jarrett Dutra This is the Man you want handling your finances. Not only is Brandon the most professional Broker I know, he also utilizes his natural personal demeanor which allows for his clients to be completely satisfied. Thanks Brandon.

— Jarrett Dutra

Greg Baranoff Brandon not only is great at what he does but I am also impressed by his drive, motivation and philosophy. A great person who has great ethics.

— Greg Baranoff

Dear Mr. Brandon Hawkinson

I hope these lines will reflect my deep appreciation of the enthusiastic review you gave my mortgage refinance to come to a successful closing. The loan has funded, it is most gratifying to know that your ideas, your thinking, your philosophy has brought your work as one of the best if not the best mortgage broker, in to a realistic implementation. I am proud of you and your team. Now that you are the regional manager for Nevada and California I know you will continue to formulate and implement strategies that will help your clients, because you are very adept and pragmatic in your occupation. I pray that God bless you and your team and give you and your team the power to continue the good Job. AFN team is the best. Thank you.

Sincerely, — Dr. Charles Usigbe

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